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What's your favo A-team episode and why

Questions about or want to talk about a particular episode? this is the place to post it.

Re: What's your favo A-team episode and why

Postby Allison » Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:09 am

I did least favorite episodes, so it's time for some positivity. Let's divide this by seasons.

Season 1
"The Children of Jamestown"--The "real" first episode in my mind and some great team interaction.
"Holiday in the Hills"--The plane crash, Face dressed as a priest, Murdock talking to himself
"Beast in the Belly of a Boeing"--More great team interaction and poor injured Murdock managing to hold his own
"A Nice Place to Visit"--uniforms and backstory

Season 2
"The Only Church in Town"--Face character development and backstory
"When You Coming Back, Range Rider?"--perfect episode is perfect
"Steel"--Murdock's rabies act
"The Maltese Cow"--Mac Murdock and B.A. looked really good in that fedora too :wink:
"In Plane Sight"--a glimpse of dark!Murdock and some fun Murdock and Face banter

Season 3
"Cup of Joe"--Murdock can cook. Really well. Also puppy!
"The Big Squeeze"--Hannibal and Murdock playing off each other is great to see and something we didn't get enough of.
"Knights of the Road"--Murdock wanted to be a modern knight and a surprising development with Face and the girl of the week
"Bounty"--The episode that hooked me back into the show
"Beverly Hills Assault"--I'm studying to be an art historian. Of course I'm a sucker for Murdock as an artist.

Season 4
"Lease with an Option to Die"--Just B.A. and his mama. So sweet.
"The Road to Hope"--"Murdock, Howling Mad. U.S. Army. Captain."
"The Doctor is Out"--Richter and his unique relationship with Murdock. Is it just me, or did the show start treating Murdock's mental issues more seriously after this episode?
"Wheel of Fortune"--We find out more of Murdock's military and espionage past
"Cowboy George"--Admittedly kind of weak but protective!Murdock is one of my favorite things
"The Duke of Whispering Pines"--Murdock and B.A. friendship, some threatening drama, and B.A. being sweet with his ex and her husband
"The Sound of Thunder"--Vietnam angst for everyone! An intense, tightly packed episode, with good moments from Fullbright and Tia. Also Murdock speaking Vietnamese and putting Tia in her place

Season 5
The Trial Arc--And we thought "Sound of Thunder" had angst! Suspenseful and very, very dark. We get a glimpse of just how cold Murdock can be in the scene in Stockwell's plane.
"The Say UNCLE Affair"--No surprise that this episode rides on Vaughn and McCallum's performances. An interesting look at the darker side of espionage, former friendships, and what could have been if the Man from UNCLE universe had not been so kind.
"Family Reunion"--So much angst and pain. Again, Murdock's protectiveness of Face and his moral dilemna whether to tell him about his father. Their fight and the aftermath near the end make the episode. It shows how well Dirk and Dwight work off each other in drama, not just comedy.
"Without Reservations"--Did someone order more angst? The hostage situation is tense and suspenseful, and Murdock in a cold rage over the wounded Face is something to behold. :o For an episode that was not supposed to be the last episode, it ends the show on a strong note.
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