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What is your favorite Face’s scam to break out Murdock ?

Talk about 'faceman' in here, the A-team ladiesman

Re: What is your favorite Face’s scam to break out Murdock ?

Postby Sophia Hawkins » Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:48 am

Tuberculosis seems to be the magic word HERE too, it's definitely a top favorite but they were all good, I also loved Lefty and "I'll give him 10 minutes and then I'm going with the lobotomy!"
Sophia Hawkins
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Re: What is your favorite Face’s scam to break out Murdock ?

Postby Allison » Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:11 am

My dad firmly believes Face and Murdock's shenanigans in the V.A. are the best parts of the show. For me, it's a hard tie between tuberculosis and rabies. Murdock's dramatics over Billy's "death" are hilarious, while Murdock whining and trying to get treats out of Face's pocket in "Steel" should not be as cute as it is.
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Re: What is your favorite Face’s scam to break out Murdock ?

Postby flygrl513 » Sun May 14, 2017 8:58 pm

Oh, I love the episode where Murdock tunnels out under the ground and saws a hole in the floor, bugs bunny style, into a conference room where the doctors were discussing his sanity... And Face is kneeling down listening for him under the sidewalk. Haha!

One more. The one scam B.A. actually pulls in Wheel of Fortune after they nab Face. Still makes my husband laugh when B.A. pretends to be a masseuse Murdock won as a prize. "How 'bout you, mama? Your neck looks a little stiff."
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Re: What is your favorite Face’s scam to break out Murdock ?

Postby Macrina » Tue May 16, 2017 9:42 am

I think what grew on me the most about these scams was naiveté of the staff. Seriously? NO-one recognizes Faceman yet? NONE of the doctors issue a general warning about people coming for Murdock? Is the V.A. turnover rate really THAT bad??

Possibly my favorite V.A. hospital break-outs:

The one Murdock mocked the fake-A-Team for not being able to manage for their non-existent fake-Murdock. "FOOLS! Where's your Murdock?? What's the matter--couldn't bust him out??" Touché, Murdock, and so very fitting as they have a bit of justice served them by the A-Team member they foolishly overlooked.

The one where Faceman arrives to find the hospital in chaos and Murdock kidnapped. Despite the desperate situation, he finds time to be too friendly with the nurse. He reacts appropriately to being told the M.P.s are en route. And the crown jewel: Face and Decker suddenly finding themselves face-to-face at the elevator. Decker's surprise...Face's reaction...Decker's recovery....flawless. I died laughing.

The one Face discovers to his chagrin--and in the worst possible way--has been happening frequently without him: Murdock being taken as a guest to his doctor's exclusive club every Friday to play golf and smooth-talk with the elites over a drink. SO funny.
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