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Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Postby Choppercrazy » Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:39 am

You may post your comments regarding this show here.
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Re: Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Postby wildstar » Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:32 pm

Howler in Chief....I love that! It's catchy! :D

Another great podcast, Dwight!
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Re: Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Postby Bix » Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:45 pm

I was tempted to make a joke about Dwight's remark on "exposing," but I feared that an unfavorable memo would slide across the mahogany desk of the Howler-In-Chief, then there would be some heavy-handed censorship from the Admin wing of the Schultz Estate, and then the next thing you know, I'm locked up in the cellar with no clothes, two hundred packets of McDonald's ketchup, a toaster oven, a ratchet set missing the 3/8ths fitting, and wild rabbits tied to one another in a row and wearing collars with bells... and no idea what to do about any of it!

Ka-POW! :F

(Did I mention that I'm not sleeping right these days? But I'm fine. Really, I am... :shock: )
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Re: Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Postby Thatkliqkid » Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:52 pm

Um.....maybe get some sleep Bix XD
Great review from Dwight, always nice to hear his inputs and opinions.
Backhanded compliments suck.
“Be modest in your self-esteem, and value yourself at your proper worth. Who can justify a man who runs himself down, or respect a man who despises himself?” - Ecclesiasticus 10:28-29
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Re: Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Postby Sandilynn » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:37 pm

I understand passive aggressive. My mother has a passive aggressive personality. I actually wrote an article about it and it is one of my better read pieces. Probably because I knew from personal experience what it is.

I want to listen to the podcast again but the one point I remember from my late night listening is about the Republican party for the most part being near to silent about the lies (not even distortions or exaggerations) of the Democrat Party (can't bring myself to call them Democratic). Didn't they try to play nice in the last election? It seems not to be a working strategy against liberals.
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Re: Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Postby tavriany1 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:23 pm

I'm not American and that's not my business, but I'm Russian and I think all Americans must vote Romney!
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Re: Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Postby Milena » Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:21 pm

Everytime I listen to Obama I have as a déjà vu: time ago, here where I am, someone told us many fairy tales .... only now, unfortunately, the voters have realized that he was not the fairy godmother.
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Re: Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Postby Harry » Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:58 am

I really admire Dwight for being able to take those personal attacks so well. It must hurt in some ways, but he's so strong about it, and handles it all brillantly.
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Re: Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Postby KaizokuShojo » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:31 am

I wish I could just...comment on every single thing Dwight says, I really do. I love these so much. It's like...really good talk radio, but without the extremely annoying and frequent commercials (which are understandably necessary.....still annoying, though). But I can't type and listen at the same time. xD I think, next time, I'll listen to it, then re-listen, pausing intermittently to type...

I absolutely get where he's coming from, concerning those emails. Good grief, I am constantly getting junk like that on deviantART, namely on a stamp I made that says I'm against porn and homosexual porn (especially the kind that puts two characters together that would have NEVER been together in the series they're from... 8[ ).
Someone will comment either on the piece itself or in reply to something I've already said on it, and they display their absolute ignorance up-front by their words. It will be instantly obvious they hadn't read what I said.

Just to-night, someone said "why are you against hentai..." and I had to reply, "I don't think you read what I said." Because I explained myself, clearly, in the artist's comments section! And that's right there, under every piece of art on the site...not hard to find. Usually the replies degenerate into nastiness, or child-like whining. They can't comprehend, it's just...beyond their ken that I could possibly have a differing outlook. Or worse yet, my outlook is spat upon and I'm called intolerant, homophobe, et cetera.... :[ I can write--in detail!--that I don't hate homosexuals, and am certainly not afraid of them, I just don't like what they do. I can write IN DETAIL that the stamp is not against homosexuality, it's against the homosexual porn, especially the non-canon, disrespecting characters type. (It's blasted everywhere online!) I can even explain it from a secular viewpoint. But they'll still respond as if they hadn't read it, or misinterpreted, or could not even comprehend it.
TOLERANCE isn't a real thing to the people like that. They'll use the word to death, but it doesn't come into play when the time comes for it to apply to them. I can't have my opinion or beliefs if it contradicts with theirs. (I will say this, however--there are SOME people that comment and politely disagree, and I usually thank them for being civil.)

I used to engage in these back-and-forth commenting strings pretty regularly, trying to use logic on them to at least get them to see my reasoning, even if they don't agree, but...I've just reached the point where if I see it's not doing any good, I just stop. It'll either be a cold stop with no reply at all, or a stop explaining that since they're uncivil and not listening, the conversation wouldn't continue. It's really just throwing pearls to swine. I've been cussed out and all sorts of other things...it's so ridiculous. Ironically, the main problematic stamp (another that gets me a lot of criticism is one that I've made that says Sherlock Holmes and John Watson aren't lovers, just friends and colleagues) is my most favourited--727 have added it to their favourites thus far, with more each day. That's not too shabby for a visually unappealing stamp from a nobody artist.

It STILL amazes me to this day that anyone would have the gall to demand that the Catholics give anyone birth control. That's like....asking Fred Rogers to mutilate someone. It just goes against what they believe. Birth control is ONLY a necessity when you have an illness, and then a doctor may put you on the pill...and I'm quite sure that many Catholics are well-informed about that. But heck, if you put someone on the pill because they have an illness, there IS that remote chance that they would also use it for...well, birth control. And naturally, they want to AVOID that. I think that even if they were assured of the fact that the person would NOT use it for such, only for medical purposes, they would want to avoid it so as to not deal with someone down the road saying, "Hey, you gave it to that person, why not me???"

It's really just...it's their money, it's their church, it's their organisation, as long as it's legal, they need to be the ones to decide what to do with it. Dollar General isn't a church, but I don't expect them to pay for ANYTHING of mine. They don't even give me a discount on merchandise. I don't ask them to give me a ride to work--I walk. I don't ask for meals provided on my break--I buy them or bring them. I don't even always get a break. I don't ask for emotional compensation if some redneck cusses at me. XD The company has told me what they provide and what they expect. If the Catholics don't WANT to provide contraceptives, they don't HAVE to--that's the beauty of getting to decide what you do with your assets! I opt not to buy health insurance--that's my decision. My church opted recently to buy a laptop for a new church in New Jersey--that was their decision.

If the Catholic church says, "Hey, if you work here at this school, or this soup kitchen, or this other organisation we own...we're not going to buy you birth control, or condoms, or anything of the sort, because it's what we believe in." You've got to deal with that. It's a part of who they are. You can't demand something of someone that it isn't set to provide. You can't say to your phone, "wipe my butt!" It doesn't HAVE that function (if it does, I'm weirded out now *shot*). If you can't handle your employer giving you news like that, you just...have to find another job if you can. If you can't find another job? You're just going to have to...deal with the job that doesn't meet all your desires, however rough it may be. Life is NOT going to give you everything you want at every turn. Your employer is not your mom. It's rough to hear, but, true. Not that your mom gives you everything you want, either....
(As for condoms.........if people need them badly enough, I'm pretty sure they'll get them. I've already found a box of open condoms in the lollypop box at work, where someone stole the contents and left.........)

There's a lot of my typical rambling here, and it's late (almost 2:30 a.m.) so I'll just hope it all makes sense and send it on. Thank you, howlers, and thank you, howler-in-chief. Image
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Re: Howling Mad World Review! show 3.

Postby Sandilynn » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:32 pm

There is an approved method of birth control (at least there was back in the early 90s) that the Catholic church allows and my husband and I used it for a while after our 2 month old died of SIDS. It's called the Creighton Fertility Care System and it is based on physical signs observed during the woman's natural cycle. It identifies when she is most fertile and then leaves it up to the couple whether they wish to do the things that could make the woman pregnant. It's pretty accurate. (Even though we aren't Catholic, we decided to be taught this method because I wasn't ready to go through the fear and trauma of having another child soon after we lost the baby. The Creighton System was being taught at my husband's workplace, which is, or at least was, a Benedictine owned and operated hospital.)

I started changing my opinion on birth control methods after that. For me, I eventually came to a decision after a subsequent miscarriage and then the birth of our youngest child that God alone should decide whether I would become pregnant again or not since His plans were far larger than my own. If every person on this earth is created for a purpose (and it is my free choice whether I allow God to guide me and accomplish that purpose) who am I to refuse to bear a child which He has created for a greater purpose? Our baby's death and the miscarriage did not take God by surprise. Neither would an "unplanned" pregnancy. Now at the age I am I have not had to think about the possibility of becoming pregnant. We have three daughters and two waiting for us in Heaven and that is what God wanted for us.

(These statements have the potential to produce a lot of heat, I realize. I'm not telling anyone else this is what they should believe. It's just my thoughts on the matter and I tend to keep them to myself because of the conflict I know they would generate.)

As for condoms: the materials used in them has to be kept at a certain temperature and believe it or not, they can become ineffective if left in a wallet or purse for a long time. The material with which they are made can deteriorate in time and make the condom develop holes. There is a shelf life to something like that. Every package has an expiration date but does every person deciding to use that form of birth control know that?

I'm sorry I got off the subject. I was just responding to Kai's post.
You're the best figment my imagination ever had.
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