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Dwight's 3th. rant

Dwight's 3th. rant

Postby Choppercrazy » Sat Jul 23, 2016 7:44 am

In Dwight's third rant he discusses the terrorist attack in Nice, the attack on Police Officers in Baton Rouge and the terrorist attack in Germany. Please not that this rant was recorded on July 20th. prior to the second terrorist attack in Germany.

Please if you are not interested in listening to an actor rant about political matters please leave because you will just be upset and Dwight doesn't want to upset you.
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Re: Dwight's 3th. rant

Postby flygrl513 » Sat Jul 23, 2016 6:47 pm

It's really hard for me to post a relatively short reply to this rant. Dwight, thank you so much for recording these! I can't tell you how much I look forward to and enjoy your podcasts and how refreshing it is --- just, just... YES!!!

I'll elaborate a little bit on my reaction. :)

Our President recently issued a statement tearing down Trump's "dark" assessment of the state of affairs in the US and abroad. (Because apparently, there's nothing else for him to do right now other than campaign for HRC). In his statement, he stressed that “the world has never been less violent, healthier, better educated, more tolerant, with more opportunity for more people, and more connected than it is today”.

I'm not sure what world Obama is living in, but's not my world. Is it yours? Even since Dwight made this recording, ISIS militants continue to attack civilian "soft targets". 9 more people were killed while shopping at a mall in Germany. 80+ people were killed by a suicide bomber during a peaceful demonstration in Kabul. Many, many more have been seriously wounded. In contrast to the "dark" goings-on around the world, my liberal Democrat friends are posting about the top story on the cover of USA Today, which conjectures as to whether some black guy in Miami was grazed in the leg by a bullet as the result of "systemic racism" in our police department, or as the police department claims, it was an accidental shooting. That is, when they are not discussing the brilliance of the assault weapons ban in MA (my home state... I am so disappointed) or transgender bathrooms at Target. We ARE in fact living in different worlds... there's the real world and the facade Obama and the MSM have so skillfully developed for us.

Indeed, NATO is about to experience a "Turexit". As soon as the (staged) coup failed, I turned to my husband and said Erdogan will have Gulen and his military and civilian followers all killed immediately. My husband's response was that he can't do that because Turkey is a part of NATO. Well, not for long. Erdogan will do whatever he wants to do, because he is a dictator and he is trying to turn Turkey into an Islamic State - thus rendering EU even more susceptible to ISIS attacks. Of course Obama isn't getting involved. He has his work cut out for him painting a rosey picture for out-of-touch Americans so they'll feel all warm and cozy inside, and vote for his re-election (a.k.a. Clinton presidency).

The only thing I can even think to argue with anything Dwight has said here is the connection between "Sharia-ism" and BLM. I don't see it (and I certainly *hope* this silliness isn't seen as an ISIS recruiting opportunity in America...) The way I see it, BLM - like all the other social causes of the Dems - is another method by which to blindfold and neutralize our citizens from wanting to intercede in the mass killings and radicalization of the Muslim world.

I agree - God help us if Hillary becomes our next President. Folks, if you're American, and if you can see the writing on the wall, please don't stay silent and please get out there and vote! I was skeptical about Trump but now I believe the CEO/Board of Directors approach we'd likely experience in a Trump presidency might be exactly what we need to pull ourselves out of this mess, and have the best people ultimately responsible for each facet of government. Donald Trump may not be your first choice; you don't even have to like him - but you must consider the impact that the IDEOLOGY of our next President will have on the future of the free world. I don't think that's painting a "dark" picture - I think it's a pretty accurate one.

Dwight - Thanks so much, again, for sharing your thoughts with us. I really look forward to listening to your views. Listened to this one on my earbuds as I was out trail running this morning and I was emphatically supporting your statements as I ran. I'm pretty sure the other runners and cyclists on the trail must think there is something wrong with me. ;)

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