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Dangerous Gambit

Dangerous Gambit

Postby Choppercrazy » Sat Aug 04, 2012 7:29 pm

Post your comments about this note here.
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Re: Dangerous Gambit

Postby bcbdrums » Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:29 am

All I have to say is, I'm very, very afraid. And a huge thanks to Dwight for compiling all of that information so succinctly. Politics are generally way over my head, but that I understood clearly... Maybe now I can try to respond intelligently to the liberals I'm surrounded by who claim Obama is God-sent.
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Re: Dangerous Gambit

Postby KaizokuShojo » Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:58 pm

I hadn't gotten to post here yet...busy with randomness. But now I have some free time, since I don't get to rest before work. XD

Dwight has again succinctly outlined the kind of person Obama is. You know a tree by its fruit, and Obama's fruit is quite the opposite of what he would have many believe. It's totally rotten.

Dwight asks, why would a U.S. president do all of those things? The answer is simple: because he doesn't care that he's leading and representing the United States. He's in it for his own ideals, his own notions. I think he'd sell out anyone if it suited him.
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Re: Dangerous Gambit

Postby BarefootMdn » Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:45 pm

I have only just begun to read Dwight's Howling Mad Notes, but this is the best one I've read, so far. It is informative, and expresses his passion. It is his passion that has drawn me back into the political realm.

Clearly, Obama is not what he has claimed, nor what his "News" media claims. Our Dear Leader has won the "Useful Idiot" public, because the public was properly prepared by the insidious and patient nature of statist ideology. For me, the real question is, how do we come back off the cliff that we are hanging when we are hanging by our fingers. The left has seeped into every aspect of life and culture. It took them a couple hundred years to so completely take over. In order to preserve any real freedom, or rather turn the tide, we will need to break through a wall of brainwashing.
If you do not defend the truth, you are complicit in its demise. ~Dwight Schultz,The Lies of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, September 9th. 2012
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